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For the 2019 edition of Millerntor Gallery we created an interactive installation called “Safe Every Drop". The installation challenges visitors to play an active role in saving our planet instead of just pointing with the finger on others. It aims to raise awareness of our individual responsibility to safe water and notice it as the source of life that it is. Save Every Drop is a closed water cycle containing only a limited amount of water. It is your task to keep it alive. Take the bucket and put the water back before it overflows. Furthermore we contributed six artworks of our individual artists for sale. 50% of the revenues were directly donated to Viva Con Agua. Keep up the good work! We where happy the have been part of this great exhibition and enjoy the creative and kind atmosphere. Works from left to right by artists: Stephan Meißner (1-4), Infra (5), Adrian Dittert (6)

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