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TAPE THAT was founded in 2011 with a simple yet innovative idea: to utilize adhesive materials instead of traditional paint for creating artworks on walls. As our artistic vision evolved, tape emerged as one of our primary mediums. Drawing inspiration from everyday objects like tape, we began creating art in clubs, bars, festivals, and private homes. Eventually, commissioned artworks became an integral part of our portfolio.

Today, we are a collective of five artists who have undertaken projects in over 40 countries, utilizing almost every conceivable surface. Our projects range from traditional artworks to expansive room installations, murals, and facades. Each artist contributes their unique style, approach, and vision to our collective work. In 2016, we implemented the idea of connecting and showcasing the global tape art scene to a wider audience, leading to the inaugural Tape Art Convention. The third Tape Art Convention in 2022 hosted over 30 artists from 11 countries and attracted more than 10,000 visitors. Additionally, the Tape Art Academy, established in 2017, regularly conducts workshops, allowing art enthusiasts to experiment with this distinctive art form themselves.


As the term suggests, Tape Art can be considered an art that is made out of any kind of adhesive tape. While this up and coming art form has grown rapidly over the last 10 years, its beginning cannot unequivocally be pinpointed down in time: Even though adhesives tapes have long been used in the arts for various purposes, they were usually not the predominant means of expression, but rather a technical aid. The emancipation to an autonomous and self-sufficient medium to create art with, is most likely to be found in and also intertwined with the beginning of the urban art movement. Its removable and temporary nature makes it a popular medium to use on any surface it sticks to. This unique feature makes it possible to easily integrate the local surroundings, especially in a temporary fashion. In the same way as there are lots of various types of adhesives materials, the approaches to create tape art with them are very diverse as well. The most commonly used materials are cloth or duct tapes, paper tapes, packaging tapes or plastic tapes and foils. Depending on the specific features of the individual materials, certain styles developed over time that cover a large spectrum from abstract to realistic art.

Our artistic endeavors range from our free artworks and installations to commissioned projects and intercultural art exchanges as well as workshops. We produce a wide spectrum of free artworks that includes regular taped paintings, room installations and sculptures, murals or facades and light installations. Besides live tape art performances at events and fairs, our commissioned projects also consist of location styling and interior design for event locations, fair stands and offices. In addition, we offer tape art workshops and teambuilding activities for different companies. To spread tape art around the world, we showcase our artworks internationally and hold workshops for the public, often times in cooperation with the German foreign ministry or Goethe-Institutes.


By creating the Tape Art Convention, we have established a platform in Berlin that attracts well-known artists from all over the world to celebrate Tape Art as its own art form.

Each member of TAPE THAT takes their part in the creative outcome of the collective and creates individual artworks in his very own style. Check out our Portfolio, Artworks or Artprints for sale.


We consider ourselves to be tape art ambassadors: Adhesive tapes are to be found almost in every household all over the world – that is all you need to get creative and start doing tape art!


Wir zeigen euch wie ihr aus dem Alltagsgegenstand Klebeband echte Kunstwerke erschaffen könnt: In den Workshops der Tape Art Academy erfahrt ihr mehr über diese junge Kunstform und lernt die verschiedenen Stile und Techniken kennen.



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