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Creating a large scaled mural on a facade is always something special and unique for us: Our artwork can be observed by a huge audience as it is accessible to the public. Working on such a large scale requires well thought out planning on the one hand, and provides new creative possibilities on the other hand. We love to transform entire buildings into art installations and creatively integrate the local conditions. As we have more space to work with, we can get into more artistic details. There are a few advantages when using tape on facades – for one, we can easily cover large spaces and work pretty much on any surface, such as concrete, wood or just a regular painted wall. Glass facades are particularly advantageous to work on with adhesive tapes: As conventional mediums such as spray paint pose various problems when working on glass, tape sticks perfectly and can also be removed easily. While most people believe murals to be long-term installations, working with tape makes it possible to create temporary artworks on facades as well. We were able to gain a lot of experience in the planning and execution of large murals in public spaces and know about the necessary requirements, such as the handling of lifting platforms.

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