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More than 100 Graffiti- and Streetartists from all over the world came to Berlin this year to participate in the Berlin Mural Fest. The “Dixons” organised this huge event to create an open-air-gallery of murals all over Berlin. We were happy to be part of this amazing festival wrapped a whole facade into foil and tape. The idea behind the artwork was to transform a chrome-like fading often used in graffiti fill-ins into a gradient of foils and combine it with an abstract straight tape-line style. The Mural is Located at the „Tabakfabrik“ wich is an old factory where they used to produce tobacco and cigarettes.Luckily we had a huge skyjack wich enabled us to design the howl 12 meter high facade. The project was sponsored by „Farben Frikell“ who sponsored a big chunk of the foils we used to realise this colorful mural.
Fotos by Laurenz Bostedt

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