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GO! Exhibition (Game Over) at Nollendorfplatz in Berlin. @diedixons transformed an old gambling hall into an art exhibition that combines analogue and digital arts into an interactive experience including NFTs, multiple live performances and much more.

We created a maze of three art rooms with maximum contrast.
The first art room was dark and flooded with UV light. The neon graphics dissolved the geometry of the space completely. The AR creators A.MUSE then created an NFT experience in which visitors could draw additional neon lines in the room and a projection mapping was installed on a sculpture by Andreas Arthur Hoferick.

The second room was flooded with bright white light in order for the visitors to experience maximum contrast. Here we installed the multidimensional anamorphotic artwork “KEEP LOOKING FOR THAT SWEET SPOT UNTIL YOU FIND YOURSELF IN IT”. The artwork consists of an anamorphotic artwork within another one. By placing mirrors in the room visitors see themselves inside the illusion which makes perfect sense from that sweet spot.

The third room “PIXEL GAME” was dark again. We installed an RGB light and a sound installation by Tom Barthels. Visitors could control the light by making noise and thus animate the artwork. The idea was to create a landscape that feels like the inside of a vintage digital machine. Again sculptures by Andreas Arthur Hoferick complemented the room.

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