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JAPAN 2018

After a long Trip and our arrival in Osaka we went to the hometown of MT Masking Tapes, Kurashiki in Japan. It was the first time we got some cool washi tape in our hands, which was manufactured only for this project and cut in our prefered sizes – Big!. It was also the first time that the tradition based family business invited external artists to create an artwork. The first installation is called “Matter Of Perspective”. As we usually work in bigger rooms, we simply extended the dimensions of this little shack only by geometric shapes. The geometric landscape aligns perfectly with a vanishing point which we simulated to be far behind the outer wall of the shack. The inner walls, windows and corrugated metal roofs distort the shapes again, so the real artwork can only be seen by taking a photo from a marked spot in the room. The second part of the project is a good old mural on one of the old factory walls. However with a size of 15 x 7m it’s one of the largest we’ve created so far in a very limited time frame … with a lot of rain … outside. Yes it was fun! The picture is our modern version of a traditional japanese geisha, a women educated in all sorts of fine arts usually engaged in the high society to entertain. Here our geisha is a trained in tape artist designing her own Kimono right on the spot. Thanks to everyone who supported us with this project. Special thanks to Kerstin, Sadamu, Kanako and the whole Kamoi family.

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