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JAPAN 2020

We have been invited to Japan to curate and participate in the MT Art Project. It was organised and initiated by our local partners MT Masking Tapes, one of Japans leading tape manufacturers. Our first stop on this trip was in the beautiful fisher village Ushimado in the prefecture Okayama. We created our works in an abandoned hospital at the seaside with a beautiful view. The first work is titled "Hole". Hole is a walkable spatial illusion. It consists of horizontal lines which, when looked at from the right vantage point, form a perfect circle that appearingly floats in the room. With Hole we wanted to push the boundaries of illusional artworks. While most illusions can be placed in any space and look identical Hole is unique for the space it is placed in. Each time a line hits another wall, or the underliying wall structure changes, a line would change its color too. Therefore the artwork is unique any time it is placed in another space. In addition people can walk in and vanish inside the artwork, which is achieved by placing additional panels in the room. Besides our artists Infra and Thomas Meissner spontaneously created a cooperational mural in the staircase of the building. Other free works on panels were created also by each of us to express our gratitude to our hosts and local supporters. We went further to Tokyo to prepare our room for a group exhibition at 3331 artspace. Each artist - Adrian Dittert, Atau Hámos, Infra and Thomas Meissner - were given a space to create an installation. In the centre of the room we placed a dismountable sculpture. It consist of flat wooden panels that are simply plugged together and thus easy to transport. The sculpture is a means to translate our visual language from murals into a threedimensional object that one can actually touch. When walking around it one can see an almost infinite arrangement of polygon shapes. A big Thank You! to MT Masking Tapes for organising and initiating this project. It was another step further to connect the international tape art scene and present it to a wide audience. We feel honored and grateful for the trust in our work and to exhibit with other great artists such as Carlo Galli, Felix Rodewaldt, Hogaloo, Kapitza, Nasa Funahara and Tapigami.

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