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As the name suggests, Tape Art is art made out of adhesive tape. This up and coming art form has grown rapidly over the last 10 years. The emancipation to a self-sufficient medium is most likely to be found in and also intertwined with the urban art movement. Its removable and temporary nature makes it a thankful medium to use on any surface it sticks to, thus making it easy to integrate in urban environments. As there exists a large variety of different adhesive tapes, the approaches to creating art with them are very diverse as well. Founded in 2011, the Berlin based artist collective - TAPE THAT - is one of the leading art groups in this art form. Their works range from plain minimalistic black and white murals to complex and colorful light and video installations. These can be found on facades, in exhibitions, galleries, abandoned buildings, clubs, showrooms, pop-up stores and offices. Each of their artworks is unique as they are inspired by and incorporate the spatial circumstances. They are fascinated by the idea to create art out of an everyday object that most people take for granted. Although based in Berlin, they regularly travel the world to raise awareness of tape art and establish it as an acknowledged form of art. In this exhibition, visitors can experience a broad spectrum of their approaches to Tape Art. They created various individual artworks as well as interactive room installations and give visitors an insight into their work by showing documentaries of their Tape Art projects all around the world.
Fotos by Laurenz Bostedt

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