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We designed the set for a photoshoot of the new VW Passat model with tape art. The entire shoot took place inside the phaeno science center in Wolfsburg and was one of the greatest sceneries we taped in so far – with no other than Zaha Hadids as an architect the futuristic structure and form of the entire complex harmonized perfectly with our tape art installations. Each set had its own topic: Navigation, Traffic, Service, Mobile and News. The form and the dynamic of each set contributes to the specific topic and made the article in the WV – Das Auto magazine a big success. One challenge was the hight of the building and the fact that we had no scissorlift to support us – luckily we are not scared of standing on latters in great hight. The project was a lot of fun and it was cool to see the merging of automobile photography and tape art.

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