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Tape Art Around The World | Asia On our Tape Art Around The World Tour we had the chance to visit China and Vietnam in one trip. Our first stop was at Redtory Art Center, Guangzhou, China. Aiming to bring tape art as a widely unknown artform to students and young art enthusiasts we hosted two tape art workshops there. Were exhibited together with two murals we created on site. In our first mural „Tape That Culture Clash“ we refer to this background of Redtory Art Center being an abandoned factory for canned fish by quoting the famous pop art piece of Andy Warhol and by adding visual input from the local surroundings. The second work Sinus is inspired by electronic music and digital technologies of sound-visualisation. The idea is to put digital artwork back into the physical world and translating acoustic into visual patterns. The tour went on to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam where we again conducted several workshops and exhibited them together with our own artworks and murals. In total we created five murals and several artworks on this tour. Most of them are inspired and refer by/to the local surroundings, the space or the cultural input we experienced. Special Thanks for organising the tour and helping us goes to Redtory Art Center, The German Embassies in Guangzhou and Hanoi, Hanoi Creative City, 3A Artspace and the German General Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.

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