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Creating while traveling is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an artist to me - especially when you let yourself be inspired and guided by new and unfamiliar impressions:

During another tape art around the world trip with Tape That in beautiful Guatemala back in 2018 we were asked to tape this wall of a german school. As usual, we did not have anything specific in mind and wanted to incorporate the experiences that we gathered during traveling through the country, getting in touch with the people and holding workshops with locals. For me, this approach is the most authentic way to create an artwork that is really in sync with its ambience.

While strolling around a market these bright color patterns of the traditional huipil fabric caught my attention - beautiful colors are knitted into each other and create these awesome fadings in some spots and stark contrasts in other spots. Even though color fadings may not be super intuitive to do with tape, through interlacing various widths of differing colors into each other the aesthetic turned out to be stunningly similar.

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