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JAPAN 2019

In April 2019 we where invited by the German Ministry Of Foreign Affair to do a tour through Japan. The tour involved four destinations starting in Tokyo further to Osaka, Tokushima and Tagawa. In Tokyo we started with a live performance over three days at Bunkyo district city hall where we created a portrait of a Geisha with an abstract cherry blossom tree. In Osaka the three artists Nicolas Lawin, Stefan Busch and Nicolas Lawin created each an individual work in Umeda Sky Building. In the further destinations we conducted tape art workshops for art students to spread Tape Art around the world. The tapes for this trip where partly sponsored by our great japanese partner MT masking tapes. Thank you for your support! And big thanks to the German Embassy and Ministry Of Foreign Affairs for the organisation and planning as well as for the insights and cultural exchange. We had a blast!

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