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We had an awesome experience in Kuwait, a country in which Tape Art was almost totally unknown. The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre in Kuwait City is a brand new and huge complex of museums, galleries and workspaces, which is offered to the public for free education. In preparation for the official opening of the centre we where invited to design two facades and the hallway of the fine arts centre as well as holding a workshop with local art students. Our mural on the facade of the museum for science and space shows a 7m high astronaut. By night the reflecting lights from inside and outside of the glass let the astronaut seemingly float in free space. For the visitors it seems as if they are looking at him from the inside of a space station. The second mural shows the development of technologies in transportation and robotics in a playful way. A futuristic airplane is about to break through the structure of the facade after having had an adventurous flight. In the hallway of the fine arts center we created a mosaic out of many different sorts of adhesive tapes. As the hallway is meant to be an exhibition space for resident artists we left a lot of free space. The creation of this installation also worked as a live on sight lesson for our workshop participants who helped us creating the artwork.

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