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In early April 2017 we travelled to Riyadh/Saudi Arabia to take part at the Misk Arts Festival. During this festival we contributed to a local exhibition and organised a tape art workshop. For the exhibition we created artworks with which we combined our personal styles with our impressions from this exotic country. The tape artwork showing a fingerprint is inspired by our kurdish friend Can Demir. He gave us his fingerprint which we turned into a piece that reminds us of the individuals and human beings behind the many stories about the middle east you see on TV day by day. Big thanks to the Misk Art Foundation for organising this incredible project. We would also like to thank Zepha, a calligraphic artist from France who inspired us with his art and his personality. We hope to have inspired you and other artists of this festival as much as you have inspired us. If we are lucky, we may be able to do a artistic collaboration with new Saudi Arabian tape artists for next year‘ Misk Arts festival – who knows :-).

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